With a keen eye and attention to the smallest detail, Andre and Rudina Napier transformed this modern neighborhood setting into high-end traditional British Salon and Spa.

Years of extensive training in London's - Chelsea salons help them to create a environment where quality service in all of it's aspects is not just a unquestionable norm but also a basic expectation.

From an amazing, traditional million-dollar decor to a warm, welcoming highly-trained staff, Andre Napier Salon and Spa will meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding and sophisticated client.

The time spent at Andre Napier Spa is specifically designed to provide you with utmost comfort and relaxation. Complementary gourmet coffees, teas, and sweets paired with the attentive service of all stylists and technicians will complete your unforgettable experience and leave you rejuvenated in body, mind, and soul.

Metropolitan Chicago offers a number of choices for high-end Spa goers, however, for savvy costumers who value their money and time and who like to avoid hassle of downtown traffic, the choice is obvious. Andre Napier Spa, downtown quality at neighborhood prices.